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  • 2 bulan yang lalu / Selamat atas prestasi yang telah diraih oleh Tim Debat SMA Katolik St. Hendrikus sebagai Juara I dalam Ubaya Law Debate Competition 2018.

As usual in the end of the semester, St. Hendrikus Senior High School holds English in Action days. This year’s theme is Marvel “You are much stronger than you think you are”. This event is started on Tuesday 4th December, Wednesday 5th December and 7th December. In the first day, the students started with morning devotion and reading time. After that we continued with competition such as Debate, Speech, Story telling and Spelling bee competition. It was so fun, because it was the first time to have spelling bee competition. The next day it was an amazing day because we have some competitions such as final spelling bee, first rank, and fashion drama as well. They must wear the hero’s costume and play a bit drama.
English in Action ended by Bazaar and Cooking competition. All the students cooked some meals and they sold it by themselves. Everything looks good and tasty.

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