Sekolah Katolik yang berkualitas,dinamis, dan responsif.
A qualified, dynamic, responsive Catholic School.


Mewujudkan SMAK St. Hendrikus sebagai rumah kedua tempat para siswa mengenal dan menerima penuh syukur anugerah dirinya sendiri.
To bring into reality St. Hendrikus Senior High School as the second home for students to gratefully relize and accept themselves as the gift from God.

Membina siswa menjadi pribadi yang beriman kokoh, berintegritas tangguh, dan berbela rasa tulus.
To nurture each student to be a person with tenacious faith, firm integrity, and sincere empathy.

Mengembangkan kompetensi yang unggul dan membentuk karakter yang peka-tanggap terhadap lingkungannya.
To develop conspicous competence and considerate character in each student to care for their environment.



Compassionate : The response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.
Assertive : The quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive.
Responsible : Able to be trusted to do what os right or to do the things that are expected and required.
Efficacious : Having Power to be effective and efficient to produce a desire, result, or effect.
Sincere : The virtue of one who speaks and acts truly about her or his own  feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and desire.